After breakfast, enjoy locally roasted Armeno coffee,  Massachusetts-based Upton looseleaf tea, and our own  home-baked cookies, cakes and pastries throughout the afternoon and evening.  

We do all our baking from scratch, using fresh ingredients and house ground cinnamon.  Our next batch of  homemade Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract is currently in the works!

Thatcher Farm in Milton hand-delivers our  fresh milk and cream in glass bottles, available to our guests enjoying coffee and tea at any hour.

Much of the  fruit and cut flowers gracing our tables comes from Wilson Farm, a beloved New England farmstand founded in 1884, close to the same year our Victorian house was built.  Apples and stone fruit from Wilson Farm and delicious produce donated by generous Siena Farms (for whom we host a weekly neighborhood CSA pick-up) inspire frequent batches of poached fruit and homemade applesauce.