The Beech Tree Inn Pet Policy

We welcome guests and their pets at the Beech Tree Inn. We do, however, require that all pet owners act responsibly with their pets and observe the following guidelines while here at the Inn .

· All cats must be litter-trained.

· All dogs must be housebroken.

· All dogs must be quiet. If barking persists, you will be asked to leave.

· All dogs are to be crated in guest rooms when owner is not present, unless there are physical or medical reasons why the dog cannot be crated. In such a circumstance, the Innkeeper will need to give approval. Pets should not be left alone in the room for any lengthy time.

· All dogs are to be on a leash at all times when outside of the guest room, coming or going from the house, in the house or on the premises. Dogs cannot roam in the house or in the yard.

· All dogs must be walked ON A LEASH in the park, not on Beech Tree Inn property.

· No pets are allowed in the kitchen or dining room. · No pets are allowed on beds.

Dog Owners: The Town of Brookline has a pooper-scooper law. Please observe this law and pick up after your dog. Upon your arrival we will supply you with “Doggie Bags” -- plastic bags to assist you with obeying this town law. Please close these bags and dispose of them in the trash barrel located next to the garage door at the Beech Tree Inn.

All pet owners are totally responsible for damages or extensive cleaning time and charges incurred because of pet destruction, odors, or mishaps.

These guidelines are for the comfort and safety of all of our guests and others who are in contact with the Inn . You will be required to sign a form stating the above upon check-in. Thank you for your cooperation.



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